Time to leave the country

22 Oct

There is a deep seated discrimination and segregation in this Western society where one minority group of people, young and old, is deprived of basic human rights in a way which is both flagrant yet generally and willingly accepted by the passive majority.

This minority section of society does not have the right to free speech or to discuss religious beliefs, is not allowed to use profanity in public, is not provided legal protection against false allegations, is prohibited from being open about their sexuality and sexual practices, is restrained from using social networking and dating websites, cannot write or talk about the people they know and interact with in public, is expected to maintain far higher standards of decency and morality than the majority, is expected to hide instances of mental illness and anguish for fear of victimisation, is not allowed to have spontaneous fun, can be physically attacked with no prospect of protection from the law, can be threatened with death and ignored by the police, can be prevented from witnessing the birth of their own children, is not allowed to get drunk and can never admit having smoked pot, whether they inhaled or not; can be wrongly and hopelessly accused of murder simply because their place in society marks them out as a target and absolutely cannot reveal the truth to the majority populous.

PostersHave we reached the Kristallnacht point? Are we all going to have to leave suddenly? Or will everyone blithely carry on in a fog of moral decrepitude?

But of course, that’s all too negative. Everything is going to get better. It’s in the wind.


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2 responses to “Time to leave the country

  1. Martin Lake

    November 17, 2011 at 10:44 am

    Wonderful, thought-provoking post, Tom. We’re leaving for the republic of France. Hope things will be better there.

  2. David García Navas (@DavidGNavas)

    June 9, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    Is it about all teachers in a specific part of UK or everywhere in UK? It’s a serious problem, i didn’t know about this. I think that is uncommon to find that kind of restrictions here in Spain, at least in the public school. Greetings.


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