E-Safety resources for primary and secondary schools

E-Safety Resources

Here’s a list of some of the resources which I’ve found useful when creating inset material for schools, delivering presentations to pupils and parents and helping schools create policies and E-Safety reporting procedures, audits and curriculum materials. This list is being added to and amended frequently.

Recommended package for schools in UK KS1-KS4

School provision of E-Safety

E-safety and child protection

E-Safety and Ofsted inspections

General E-Safety resources for pupils

E-Safety and parents

Statistics on online safety


Keeping information private and controlling your digital footprint


Removing cyberbullying and harassment

  • This site offers guides explaining how to remove cyberbullying comments from Facebook and Google search results.

How to choose a strong and secure password

Data Encryption – Including memory sticks

Free encryption software to comply with Data Protection ‘sensitive’ data or ‘personal’ data requirements.

Copyright and plagiarism

Laws and legal framework relating to E-Safety

Computer misuse act

Harassment and Stalking law

Parental control and monitoring software – recommended


  •  A good spam list to include in your email filter, web filter or monitoring software

Digital literacy

Digital literacy pictogram and visualization tools

  • Intel tool to check your digital footprint.
  • Visualize me – great for online reputation
  • Pitktochart – free infographic creator.
  • Easely – create and share infographic visuals.
  • – great visual story creator
  • Infogram – free infographic creator
  • Many Eyes – great ways to represent data visually.
  • Dipity – create stunning timelines
  • Timeline – great linear timeline creator
  • Stat Silk – visualization software to create stunning interactive maps and graphs.
  • Tableau – create interactive and sharable charts and maps.
  • Chartsbin – great for creating demographic maps in geography.
  • Creately – free flow chart and diagram creator.
  • Gliffy – free diagram, flow chart and decision tree creator.
  • Smile Widgets – free open source data visualization creator.

Tom Tolkien is a qualified teacher with senior leadership experience as a prep school Head of ICT ic E-Safety. He also has considerable experience writing about E-Safety for education publishing, creating bespoke policies for schools and delivering staff inset, presentations and seminars for pupils and parents. Please contact here or via Linkedin.

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One response to “E-Safety resources for primary and secondary schools

  1. BekBlayton

    May 27, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    Really great set of resources! Thanks for sharing it.


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