ICT Teaching ideas for KS2 KS3 Primary Middle and Prep schools

ICT software resources (mostly open source, free or low cost)

Software for the KS2 and KS3 IT / ICT curriculum

Specific IT skills, coding and programming

Curriculum integration:

Art, animation and movie making

Design & Technology

  • Room Arranger – Design room, floor plan, house | Great cheap software for graphic modelling. Designs can be outputted to png or jpg. The software also offers VRML walkthrough simulations (covers simulations) which can be saved and added to VLEs or websites.
  • West Point Bridge Design Contest | There’s now an Open Entry (although only US citizens can claim prizes) . Great for simulation and modelling activities, and use of trial and error heuristics.

Early Years

  • Tux Paint | Great interactive paint application for Early Year and KS1

English and drama

  • Booksmart | Great make you own book website and free software. Suitable for Y7&8.
  • Bobs Books | Another create a book service. UK based with quick delivery. More expensive than Booksmart but slightly better quality.
  • Book Database Software, catalog your home library by ISBN | Fantastic affordable library software which works well for Primary / Middle school libraries. The software will cope with up to 10000 books with no problems. Self updating. Can also output and sync your stock to your website / VLE to allow students to browse library stock at home. Automatically grabs cover shots of the books from online sources – no scanning required!
  • Bubbl | Free planning / Mind Mapping software. Good on IWBs.
  • Countdown game | The letters game from Channel 4.
  • Freemind | Free mind mapping software.
  • Glogpedia – the best of Glogs | Glogster | Create virtual and interactive ‘scrapbook’ style pages or mini websites. Very good for ICT integration in English and Arts based subjects.
  • Mind42 | Free mind mapping software.
  • | Creator of “Comic Life” greate storyboarding software. Works well for story planning and also for dyslexic students.
  • PodProducer | Great free sound effects  / jingles push button cart – just like a radio station. Use for pod casting, or wirelessly remote control the sound effects for your school drama productions.
  • Tagul | Very attractive tag cloud app – similar to wordle but has the facility to produce shapes. Good foe shape poems and calligrams.
  •  Make fantastic calligrams, word clouds and and shape poems.



  • Dipity | Create a free interactive multimedia timeline. Great on IWBs.
  • Glogpedia – the best of Glogs | Glogster | Create virtual and interactive ‘scrapbook’ style pages or mini websites. Very good for ICT integration in English and Arts based subjects.



PE / Sport


  • Crocodile clips | (Now rebranded as Yenka) A selection of free software geared towards science and electronics.

Additional utilities

Educational licensing deals

Curriculum documents, activities and white papers

Tom Tolkien is a qualified teacher with senior leadership experience as a prep school Head of ICT. If you require consultancy and curriculum advice, or you are looking to fill a part time or full time vacancy for an ICT teaching position, please contact him via Linkedin.

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