Teacher and Educational Consultant

Tom Tolkien has worked in education since 1998. He has taught in state primary and middle schools and in independent day and boarding schools. Spanning three key stages his experience has included Head of Department positions for English (7.5 years), ICT (two stints of 2 and 6.5 years) and PE/Boys Games. In his most recent post he was part of the Senior Leadership Team with responsibility for assessment and recording, and marketing and internet.

Recently he has undertaken consultancy work for various organisations in the education and child care sphere, including PDC education, Parental Choice, Regainyourname (e-safety and cyberbullying), The Learning Institute, York Boarding Schools Group and the Association for Marketing and Development in Independent Schools (AMDIS).

For further details please view Tom Tolkien’s Linkedin profile here, or contact him using the form below.


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