Music and Songwriting

Tom Tolkien Music

Tom plays guitar and bass and write songs as a hobby in his spare time.

Highlights include airplay on local radio (Rutland Radio, without wanting to sound too Alan Partridge) and one song was used in a small Canadian independent movie that was so obscure that no-one can remember its name. A couple of artists have covered Tom’s songs, including this dark alternative version by Caboodle.

Thomas won a runner up prize in a worldwide Christmas songwriting contest in 2002 and followed it up with Primary school literacy collaboration (he was teaching at the time at Bringhurst Primary School) which was featured in local and national media.

Tom Tolkien’s songwriting and music rights are managed by Sentric Music and songs are available for marketing and synchronization. A selection of songs are also available on iTunes, Spotify and TuneCore.


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