Web & Media


Hourly rates:

  • for computer repairs and software installation: £40 per hour – no call out charge within 20 miles. Day rate: £210 excluding travel expenses over 20 miles.
  • for SEO / Website design / Social Media Marketing: £70 per hour – no call out charge within 20 miles. Day rate: £300. Negotiable rates if not required on site, for example authoring of videos or eBooks for inset training
  • for Cyberbullying prevention and deletion presentations / inset £300 day rate. No call out fee. Excluding travel expenses over 30 miles.Recommended training products for purchase here.

Hire me on People Per Hour
Tom Tolkien Freelance Education Consultant

I can offer advice on how to improve your website in terms of search engine optimisation, social media integration and web presence competitor analysis. Advice can be presented as a seminar, written analysis or ‘next steps’ guidance.


Custom profile backgrounds and design, RSS feed automation and integration, targeted following consultancy and advice.


Facebook Fan page design, RSS feed automation and integration, Flickr integration, targeted advertising consultancy.

Blog and Website design,, Tumblr.

Social, collaborative and e-learning platforms

Social media privacy, abuse, harassment and cyberbullying

Does something nasty come up when you search your name in google? Is there a case of cyberbullying you want to stop?

Social media privacy, abuse and harassment – I can offer consultancy/advice to remove and prevent incidences of defamation, harassment and privacy infringement on hosted websites, blogs, google search listings and email.

Email signatures and Email autoresponders

Advertise your business every time you send an email. I can create custom email signatures, including logos and disclaimers, for all common email platforms.

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